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Some people think that the best way to improve road safety is to increase the minimum legal age for driving a car or motorbike. To what extent do you agree or disagree? (Dated: January 17th, 2019)

Từ đồng nghĩa, trái nghĩa:

          the best way = the optimal solution = the most effective measure

          improve = enhance = ensure

          increase road safety = reduce traffic accident

          legal age = required age

Gợi ý: Dạng bài OPINION trong đó người viết có thể phân tích cả mặt tích cực và tiêu cực của việc tăng độ tuổi lái xe. Bài gợi ý dưới đây thiên về hướng không đồng tình với quan điểm đề bài đưa ra.

Đoạn 1: Khẳng định lợi ích của việc tăng độ tuổi lái xe

Ý 1:

Young people are aware of the consequences of what they do.

→ They are more likely to drive cars and ride motorbikes aggressively and break the traffic rules.

→ It is reasonable to require drivers and riders to be old enough to join traffic on their own.

Ý 2:

Older people are more experienced; therefore, they are more capable of handling emergencies on the road.

→ Scientific research has illustrated that the majority of traffic accidents are caused by junior drivers rather than senior ones.

Đoạn 2: Phản biện: tăng độ tuổi lái xe không phải là biện pháp tốt nhất để đảm bảo an toàn giao thông

Ý 1:

The increase in required age for drivers and riders is a double-edged sword. Should young commuters do not have the opportunities to practice their driving skill, they will not be able to become experienced ones as they grow up.

→ This may put the drivers themselves and others at risk in unexpected situations.

Ý 2:

The policy of raising legal driving age will cause a number of inconveniences for commuters.

→ As they will have to depend on public transport system or other people for their own travelling, some will be willing to disobey the law in order to get their freedom.

→ Unlicensed drivers will lead to higher potential of traffic crashes.

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