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Some people do not go directly to college but travel or work for a short time. Do you think it has more advantages or disadvantages?  (Dated December 15, 2018)

Từ đồng nghĩa, trái nghĩa:

Go to college = attend tertiary education

Travel = go on holiday = take a vacation

A short time = a brief period

Advantages = benefits = positives = redeeming features

Disadvantages = drawbacks= negatives

Gợi ý: Dạng bài opinion giving, trong đó người viết PHẢI phân tích cả mặt tích cực và tiêu cực của việc không đi học đại học ngay sau khi học xong chương trình phổ thông  và đưa ra quan điểm của mình. Bài gợi ý dưới đây thiên về hướng ủng hộ sự đầu tư vào nghệ thuật và văn hóa.

Đoạn 1: Benefits of traveling or working for a duration of time before attending universities.

Ý 1: Alleviate their stress during the holiday period after studying hard  for a long period

-> Provides students with opportunities to gain hands-on experience.

-> have a chance to obtain valuable information in their faculty for the future.

-> assists the young to draw their most effective plans for their future jobs.

-> learn foreign culture and current market trends

Ý 2: Enables students to have more potential to have a profession than others.

-> have substantial skills after a long time of practice  

-> abilities can be superior to other colleagues who just have only academic knowledge at work.

Đoạn 2: Disadvantages of gap year/ taking a year off

-> Encounter problems which will be hard to address when travelling alone.

-> Inadequate mental skills and maturity to decide the best solution to their issues.

-> Be abused at work: underpaid together with long working hours

-> Get deviated from their studies and feel difficult to start the academic education after having a long break

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