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More and more people want to own famous brands for clothes, cars and other items. Do you think this is negative or positive development?  (Dated: February 02nd, 2019)

Từ đồng nghĩa, trái nghĩa:

want = be craving for = desire for

own = possess

famous = well-known = popular = reputable

clothes = attire = outfit

Gợi ý: Dạng bài OPINION trong đó người viết có thể nêu ra mặt tích cực hoặc tiêu cực của xu hướng mua đồ hiệu. Bài gợi ý này thiên về hướng ủng hộ xu hướng trên.

Đoạn 1: Mặt trái của xu hướng mua đồ hiệu

Ý 1:

Many youngsters do not take it into careful consideration and often make impulsive purchases, which may sink them into financial problems.

→ It is not uncommon to see a woman buying a dress that she never wears or a man buying a car that he uses only a few times a month. 

Ý 2: 

The increasing popularity of well-known brands is responsible for the so called “consumerism”, in which young people link possession of newly-launched items to happiness.

→ This causes them to be more greedy and jealous about others, forcing them to work more hours and depriving them of freedom in their mind.

Đoạn 2: Mặt tích cực của xu hướng mua đồ hiệu

Ý 1:

It is undeniable that reputable brands offer products of high quality and reliability, providing buyers with a great sense of satisfaction.

→ For example, Nike shoes are protective towards runners’ feet; Apple’s smart phones are famous for their durability and world-class security; and Prada dresses accentuate women’s bodies.

Ý 2:

The desire for high-end products, which represent success and prosperity in today’s society, could serve as a positive motivation to push the young to strive and contribute more to economic and social development.

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