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People have little understanding of the importance of the natural world. What are the reasons and how can people learn more about the natural world? (dated: April 6th, 2019)

Từ khóa:

Từ đồng nghĩa, trái nghĩa:

    little = limited = insufficient

    understanding of = awareness of = knowledge of = insight into

    importance = significance = essence

    the natural world = the nature = natural environment = natural habitats

    learn = delve into = drill into = be provided with lessons of

Gợi ý: Dạng bài CAUSE-EFFECT-SOLUTION trong đó người viết PHẢI đưa ra nguyên nhân vì sao mọi người vẫn còn nhận thức hạn chế về tầm quan trọng của thế giới tự nhiên và các biện pháp để nâng cao hiểu biết của mọi người.  

Đoạn 1: Nguyên nhân vì sao mọi người còn thiếu nhận thức về tầm quan trọng của thế giới tự nhiên

Ý 1: Thousands of years of civilization has separated the majority of humans from the natural environment; in fact, we are now living in man-made regions under the form of cities, towns and villages. → While prehistoric people’s survival was dependent on their awareness of the surroundings, in the modern world most of our daily basic demands including food, water, clothes and shelters are met without direct contact with the natural world. → Consequently, people find it unnecessary to get to know more about the planet in which we are residing.

Ý 2: People’s insufficient insight into the nature can also be attributed to education systems which put excessive emphasis on academic knowledge. → A stark illustration is that students spend most of their time on lessons of mathematics, physics and so on but rarely have chances to have trips to forests or the sea and discover wild life. → Natural habitat, hence, remains unknown to a number of students.

Đoạn 2: Giải pháp để nâng cao nhận thức cộng đồng về tầm quan trọng của thế giới tự nhiên

Ý 1: Of all feasible solutions to enhance the public’s understanding of how we rely on the planet, official education is of paramount importance. → In particular, the environment, a topic whose significance has long been under-estimated, should be a compulsory subject at school. → As a result, young generation’s environmental awareness is improved, resulting in their proper actions in the future.

Ý 2: Another source of information about the nature and its connection to human race is TV and social media, which are easily accessible.

→ In fact, as climate change becomes more serious, articles and videos of this theme have been appearing with increasing frequency, capturing more inhabitants’ attention and providing them with basic knowledge of environmental problems.

Environment-associated articles and videos should be widely and frequently produced and broadcasted on social media. This source of information is easily accessible, capturing more inhabitants’ attention and providing them with basic knowledge of environmental problems.

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