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Topic: Spoken communication is more powerful than written communication. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Từ khoá:
● Spoken communication= oral communication= verbal communication= speaking
● Powerful= important= crucial= expressive
● Written communication= documents= writing

Dạng đề: Đây là dạng bài Argumentative, trong đó người viết có thể lựa chọn đưa ra quan điểm một hướng (đồng ý/ không đồng ý) hoặc quan điểm trung lập. Bài gợi ý này thiên về quan điểm cho rằng ngôn ngữ viết có sức mạnh hơn so với ngôn ngữ nói.

Đoạn 1: Ngôn ngữ nói cũng có những vai trò nhất định trong cuộc sống
* Main idea 1: Verbal communication can act as a facilitator to the conveyance of messages.

-> It is possible for people to change the way of verbally expressing their ideas if there is someone who is
unable to understand them.

-> To exemplify, after delivering lectures, teachers could check their students’ understanding and repeat or
explain some details if necessary.

* Main idea 2: Oral communication paves the way for increasing interactions.

-> Face-to-face meetings would easily be organised without the support of any equipment, including papers,
pens or mobile phones.

-> This encourages people, especially youngsters, to directly communicate with each other more frequently,
leading to a significant improvement in some soft skills such as communication and presentation ones.

Đoạn 2: Tuy nhiên, ngôn ngữ viết vẫn có sức mạnh vượt trội so với ngôn ngữ nói
* Main idea 1: Pieces of writing could better stimulate people’s imagination.

-> Unlike films and plays in which characters use verbal language as well as body expressions to show the
context, readers imagine all details of written books by themselves.

-> Therefore, those written works of literature enable readers to understand and discover the contents from their
own perspective.

* Main idea 2: It is more feasible to guarantee commitments through documents.

-> For example, commercial contracts are always created in writing but never in spoken communication. This
is of paramount importance when there are conflicts between parties.

-> In a more serious case, documents would be used as firm evidence to settle disputes in court, simplifying the
process of giving final judgements.

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