Gợi ý đề IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 16/1/2020

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Chủ đề Film thường gặp.

Task 2: Nowadays it is not only large companies that can be able to make films. Digital technology enables anyone to produce films. Do you think this is a positive or negative development? (16/01/2020)

NOTE: It is better to only choose one type of development, positive or negative, to save time.

1. The positive aspects:

- It has become increasingly easy to create high quality films with minimal budget.

    + Throughout the history of movies, filmmakers have made their break into the industry with low-budget movie productions.

    + The rise of affordable and convenient high quality cameras and editing equipment has contributed significantly to the ease of access to making films.

    + Platforms such as Youtube or Amazon accept virtually all levels of filmmaking, in addition to having instant feedback from the audience to the filmmakers.

- The increase in filmmakers and films would lead to further development of the industry.

    + Both the quantity and the quality of films would be improved due to the competition between     established and indie directors.

    + Stories of successful “Internetainers” breaking their way to the mainstream media are becoming more common.

- Individual filmmakers have become a viable occupation, taken from aspiring stories of “Youtubers” such as musical artist Lindsey Stirling, comedy hosts Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, online gaming star Markiplier...

2. The negative aspects:

- As the number of films increase, so are the number of poor quality films being created.

    + Many creators rely on shock value, “clickbait”, following new trends to gain traction, decreasing the creativity and quality of films.

    + Problems with plagiarism are also prevalent because there is almost no moderation in creating films individually.

- The ease of access to films and movies can cause disruption to people's daily lives.

    + Individual filmmakers could use their creations as tools for propaganda, spreading false information and fake news.

    + Children are vulnerable to bizarre and sometimes disturbing bootleg content, leading to them mimicking dangerous behaviours.

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