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Topic: It is now possible for scientists and tourists to travel to remote natural environment, such as South pole. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Từ khóa:

Từ đồng nghĩa, trái nghĩa:

Now = Today = These days 

To travel to = to set foot on = to visit = to reach = to pay a visit to 

Remote natural environment = Untouched natural environment =  Distant/ faraway regions/ areas / places

Gợi ý: dạng bài ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY, trong đó người viết phân tích cả lợi ích và bất lợi của việc những nhà khoa học và du khách có thể đặt chân tới khu vực thiên nhiên hoang sơ nhưng ủng hộ quan điểm có nhiều bất cập hơn là lợi ích.

Đoạn 1: Việc những nhà khoa học và du khách có thể đặt chân tới khu vực thiên nhiên hoang sơ mang lại những lợi ích nhất định.

Ý 1: When scientists are able to reach distant natural environment, they can collect specimens, observe as well as document novel natural phenomena in such regions.

  • This could offer scientists opportunity to discover new knowledge, make scientific breakthroughs, particularly in the fields of topography and climatology, assisting them in gaining achievements on their careers. Also, these findings can revolutionize how people have known and understood the areas in the past and at present.

Ý 2: Remote natural environment can be the place for travelers to be closer to nature and have positive actions towards environmental preservation.

  • Through their own first-hand experience, tourists can gain the knowledge of wildlife as well as climate in these regions, thus making them become more environmentally conscious and intrinsically motivated to protect our natural environment.

Đoạn 2: Việc những nhà khoa học và du khách có thể đặt chân tới khu vực thiên nhiên hoang sơ đem lại nhiều bất lợi hơn.

Ý 1: If many people have great demands for travelling to untouched natural areas, there is a strong possibility that major corporations will set out to exploit resources in such regions to construct tourism infrastructure such as hotels and recreational facilities to cater for tourists’ needs.

  • These activities can cause permanent damage to the habitat of native species and exert negative impacts on indigenous people’s lives.

Ý 2: The visit and presence of tourists can lead to serious environmental pollution in faraway natural regions.

  • Improper waste disposal, the regular use of vehicles for travelling can cause water contamination, air and soil pollution, possibly threatening the lives of not only local inhabitants but also various creatures living there.
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