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Topic: Many people are working longer hours. Why is this happening? What problems can this cause to people?

Từ khóa:

working longer hours = working overtime


Gợi ý: Dạng bài CAUSE - EFFECT phân tích nguyên nhân, giải pháp, trong đó người viết cần phải bàn đến lý do của vấn đề, cũng như đưa ra các hậu quả mà vấn đề này mang lại.


Đoạn 1: Đưa ra các lý do tại sao nhiều người đang làm việc nhiều giờ hơn

Ý 1: prolonging working hours results from the high expectation of society that puts workers under pressure.

  • Employees now have to take responsibility for numerable tasks and duties to achieve the targets as well as meet the demand of society. For example, salesmen in Vietnam spend more than the standard hours to complete the KPI set by their employers.

Ý 2: Another justification is the poor economic condition that causes a burden on people nowadays.

  • As the cost of living is immensely increasing, to accommodate certain basic demands as well as luxurious desires, namely cars, houses, people end up working extra hours.


Đoạn 2: Nêu các hậu quả mà vấn đề này mang lại

Ý 1: Overworking with longer hours might lead to certain health issues

  • Sitting in front of computers for long hours can cause eye diseases such as short-sightedness due to continuous and prolonged exposure to blue light from screens

Ý 2: Not only that, sedentary life is another detrimental implication of extending working hours

  • Only interacting with technological gadgets is one of the culprits of mental disorders, as people might lack time for outside-work interests to balance their life, leading to depression.

In conclusion, the majority of people in today’s world are working more hours than the standard due to the pressure of society as well as their own demands, and this tendency causes innumerable health and psychological problems.

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