Gợi ý đề IELTS Writing task 2 ngày 7/3/2020

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Task 2: Some say that news has no connection with most people’s life and it is waste of time for most of us to read newspapers and watch television news programs. Do you agree or disagree? (07/03/2020)


NOTE: It is recommended to pick only agreeing or disagreeing, as the arguments will be more convincing because the opinion is shown clearly.

1. Ideas for agreeing with the statement:

- It is certainly true that, most of the time, printed or aired news are of no importance to the viewers.

a. The drawbacks of following the news:

  • Modern news is pure entertainment. 

It is impractical for a news channel or the press to operate throughout the day and constantly cover truly serious global events. There simply are not many important events happening in the world in a day.

It is important to understand that the likelihood of news being meaningful will naturally decrease rapidly as the amount of news goes up.

  • The news is depressing.

​- The ratio of negative to positive stories for the vast majority of the media is overwhelming, feeding viewers with an overwhelming amount of negativity which infects their thoughts.

- Watching news or reading papers forms a poor representation of reality. People are led to believe that the world is a brutal and heartless place, as bad news breeds fear and distrust.

  • The way the media is structured is, often times, purely for profit.

​- Almost all bits or pieces of news are covered in around 45 seconds on TV, because that is how long an average person has their attention for, before switching over to a new channel. This leads to poor representation and constant incoherence of news.

- When it comes to printed media, unscrupulous journalists would attempt to fill the pages with unimportant news just to hit theor quota.

  • Most of the time, events happening in the news is beyond a person's circle of influence.

​- People cannot help solve the problems outside their influence, so it is a waste of time and energy to worry about them. They would be infinitely better off focus on solving problems in their own life.

  • Catching up with news is quick and convenient in the modern world.

​- With the advent of the Internet, people can search for and organize information only relevant to their situation.

  • Consuming the news takes time.

​- In this modern world where neither time nor people waits for one another, people could always spend their time participating in proactive activities such as taking courses to sharpen their skills, finding their next client, or applying for positions in different companies.


2. Ideas for disagreeing:

- Not all news are harmful to the consumers.

a. The benefits of following the news:

  • The news is the best source of information for extremely important events.

Following the development of a new disease and following official news to filter out tabloids are of utmost priority in order for citizens to not panic, to stay alert but not anxious.

  • The news can inspire action.

- Many TV programs and articles focus on calling for donations towards unfortunate lives. Spreading these types of news is encouraged.

- Some news channels delve into subject matters with in-depth and reliable sources. Watching and learning something from high quality news channels is often worth the investment.

  • The news are relevant to many job titles.

- Professional organisers need to know about new products being rolled out, potential competitors, as well as customers posting on newspapers or appearing on TV.

- Traffic and weather reports can always be essential to many workers as they need to adjust their schedule to be flexible.

  • The news can serve as entertainment.

- Watching the news can fulfill the same purpose as exercising a hobby.

  • The news is not a waste of time, as long as people make smart, conscious choices about what they read or watch, and pay attention to the time spent on it.

- A person should evaluate their news consumption from time to time, as it is a valuable exercise.

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