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Chủ đề Online communication.

Topic: Online communication is becoming more popular than face-to-face communication in many companies. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Essay analysis:

Type: Discussion Essay .

Dạng bài Discussion trong đó học sinh cần phải phân tích được những lợi íchbất lợi của vấn đề được đưa ra, và đưa ra sự đánh giá xem lợi ích hay bất lợi nhiều/nổi trội hơn 

Essay plan: 

Paragraph 1: Advantages of online communication within workplace:

Possible Idea 1: Provides greater convenience for employees

  •  Remote workers will appreciate not having to commute for a short meeting, especially if they have family or other working commitments.

=> Companies benefit from the time that employees save because it allows them to better allocate their labour towards actual work, thereby increasing efficiency.

Possible Idea 2: Financial benefits for companies

  • There are also a range of costs that can be reduced once online communications become standard. 

  • For example, office rent will be cut down significantly because of the fact that demand for physical meeting space is terminated. Also, the companies can distribute the saved expenditure into employee perks; thereby increasing the living standards as well as job satisfaction of their staff.

Paragraph 2: Disadvantages of online communication:

Possible Idea 1:  Affecting interpersonal relationships in an office.

  • The meeting itself is largely secondary as most information can be communicated just as easily through an online teleconference or an email.

  • True value lies, instead, in the moments before, during and after meetings when colleagues have a chance to socialise or exchange ideas about what they have been working on.

=> The strengthening of social bonds and the sharing of novel perspectives can both boost morale and help drive innovation.

Possible Idea 2:  Extensive use of electronic devices leads to several health problems

  • Too much screen time might cause eye strain and promote a sedentary lifestyle, which is obviously detrimental to their well-being.

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