Gợi ý đề IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 13/2/2021

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Đề bài này yêu cầu người viết có thể đồng ý hoặc phản đối một phần hoặc hoàn toàn quan điểm cho rằng đọc truyện tốt hơn là xem TV hoặc chơi games.



Đề bài này yêu cầu người viết có thể đồng ý hoặc phản đối một phần hoặc hoàn toàn quan điểm cho rằng đọc truyện tốt hơn là xem TV hoặc chơi games.

Tác giả đã đưa ra các ý tưởng theo cả 2 mặt để các bạn có thể tham khảo và viết theo quan điểm của mình.

1. Ideas for agreeing with the statement:

a. The benefits of reading books:

  • Reading is an active activity, requiring more attention from children than watching TV or using computers.

    • Reading requires understanding certain topics to fully understand the content, therefore encouraging research and study, fostering their natural curiosity.

    • Development of imagination is encouraged, as children need to imagine the characters, the scenery and the actions from the description of the text.

  • Reading helps children develop and master language, native or foreign alike.

    • By reading stories, children can learn pronunciation and vocabulary, therefore developing the ability to express themselves more confidently, easily, and clearly in spoken and written terms.

    • Reading also helps increase children's attention span and their ability to concentrate.

  • Reading also helps with studying more efficiently and deeply in the future.

    • Reading strengthens the neural pathways in a person's brain, much like any other activity that strengthens muscles in the body.

    • Children who are read to by their parents have the tendency to develop five enhanced reading skills, which include an advanced vocabulary, word recognition in spoken words, ability to connect written letters to spoken sounds, reading comprehension, and the fluency to read text accurately and quickly.

  • Reading is not only an academic activity, but also a pleasurable experience.

    • Many readers do so to escape and explore their inner imaginations, while those who read books say they enjoy the processes of learning, gaining knowledge, and discovering information.

b. The drawbacks of watching TV or playing computer games:

  • Watching TV or playing computer games constantly could lead to health and social problems.

    • Children are easily addicted to these activities, therefore spending too much time on the TV or the computer, leading to eye-related issues such as shortsightedness, back-related issues such as back pain.

    • Children could be distracted from more important tasks related to school, such as doing homework, reviewing lessons.

    • Many games give children negative portraits of characters, a poor view of women, and the encouraging of the use of drugs, alcohol, and more. This may encourage children to be violent, or isolate them.

2. Ideas for disagreeing:

a. The benefits of electronic media:

  • Information from electronic media is easier for children to imbibe and digest.

    • The knowledge transferred by vivid pictures and animations on the screen can garner children's attention for an extended period of time.

    • Depending on the characteristics of programs or games, children are exposed to a wide range of knowledge by seizing images of worldwide landscapes or feel tastes of specialties in various geographical regions.

    • The broadcasting of quiz shows or playing quiz games serves as an efficient learning tool for both children and adults who prefer taking challenges which involve critical thinking.

  • Electronic media boosts several aspects of children's cognitive abilities.

    • Recent research has proved that gaming has numerous benefits and key among them, is the development of cognitive skills in both children and adults.

    • Playing games can improve coordination through mental stimulation by forcing users to coordinate their visuals, audial and physical movements. This also enhances memory, whether short-term or long-term.

    • Playing games can improve problem-solving skills, as games in general involve certain rules, so users need to both plan ahead and make split-second decisions that will determine whether or not he or she will advance to the next level.

  • Electronic media is a great source of learning.

    • Many modern education institutions incorporate TV or computer games as a teaching methodology. This helps these children improve their academic skills by providing games that are specifically aimed at enhancing their cognitive and creative skills.

b. The drawbacks of reading books:

  • Much like any other consumption of media, reading may insinuate false beliefs on children.

    • Many children always believe that everything will eventually turn out to be good. They refuse to accept the fact that not every aspect of life can be in their favor.

  • A significant drawback of reading is the lack of perspective from putting the material from reading into practice.

    • Without experiencing the knowledge on their own, children can find it hard to associate this knowledge to the real world.

  • Reading still requires careful selection of material.

    • Many books contain facts that are not necessarily useful, therefore they end up not being utilized in a practical way. Books can also contain inappropriate material for children to consume, including depraved scenes, improper propaganda...

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