Gợi ý làm đề IELTS Writing task 2 ngày 21/3/2020

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Topic: Watching a live performance such as a play, concert, or sporting event is more enjoyable than watching the same event on television. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Essay analysis:

Type: Argumentative essay

Gợi ý: Dạng bài ARGUMENTATION trong đó học sinh cần phải đưa ra ý kiến của bản thân (theo hướng Đồng ý hoặc Không đồng ý) với quan điểm đề bài cho.


  • Event on television = broadcast program / recorded version/ televised productions

  • Enjoyable = amusing

  • Agree = support / to side with / to be of the opinion that…

  • Disagree = oppose

Essay plan: Totally Agree

Paragraph 1: Others’ opinions (disagreement): The advantages of watching show on TV:

Possible Idea 1: Watching broadcast programs through TV saves travel time and money.

-          Specifically, to join real-time shows is expensive, a reasonable amount of money has to be spent in order to acquire a ticket for it.

-          Moreover, we have to manage time to execute our attendance as sometimes, it takes long time to get to a concert hall.

Possible Idea 2: those watching TV broadcast events are likely to see more parts of a show more clearly thanks to the intention of the TV director and movements of cameramen.

-          In contrast, the seating arrangement can greatly affect the comfort of seeing the whole show if the seats are far from the stage or playground.

However, people who prefer watching events on TV, which is more enjoyable, might ignore a sense of participation and interaction given by attending a live performance. 

Paragraph 2: YOUR opinion (agreement): The advantages of attending live performance:

Possible Idea 1: the atmosphere in the auditorium evokes excitement and amusement that attendees could not experience if watching at home.

-          For example, going to a football match is not only watching players and goals but also being a part of the cheering crowd to warm the environment, and this eagerness to be a part of the spectacle draws audiences to the stadium quite often.

Possible Idea 2: It is a chance to witness the performers or the athletes up close and show our appreciation.

-          Experiencing the best players live highlights the speed, precision, and high-level talent required to dominate other professional athletes.

-          This indelible memory of seeing a genius performing in person also applies to varying degrees for concerts, plays, and speeches.


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