Vocabulary for Maps IELTS Writing Task 1

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Từ vựng cho bài IELTS Writing task 1 dạng Maps

1/ To make bigger

  • Enlarge – to make larger in size


The building in Newnham Road was enlarged in 1998.

  • Expand: To increase the size or scope of something


Youngstown aeronautics campus will be expanded in 2020. School administration expanded building #1 by adding a second department.

  • Extend – to cause (something) to be longer, wider


- The local government of Los Angeles extended the subway line into the next village.

- The New York Metro Purple Line has been extended westwards from the Wilshire station to Stanford station.

2/ Take away

  • Cut down/chop down/clear/fell/remove – to remove, to reduce the number (usually trees, woodland)


- The forest was cut down and replaced with a school.

- The trees will be chopped down in 2017.

-  The woodland has been cleared.

- Pine trees were felled.

- Trees are removed along Interstate 77 near Ben Drive Road.

  • Demolish/knock down/pull down – to break apart the structure


- The building was demolished.

- A historic building is set to be demolished.

- The row of old houses had been pulled down/knocked down by 2015.

3/ Add something new

  • Build/construct/erect – to build


- A new school will have been built by 2019.

- Located on the island 110 miles off the coast, the hotel is constructed in the eastern part.

- A pier was erected in line with entertainment facilities where tourists could access boats and yachts.

  • Introduce – to bring in; establish


A bike share scheme was introduced in 2007.

  • Add


The roads in St. John’s street have been modernised. A zebra crossing and traffic lights have been added.

4/ Change into something else

  • Convert/turn into/make into – to change into something


- An old factory will be converted into a police station.

- A covered market was turned into a children playground.

- The disused warehouse in the north of the city was made into a shopping mall.

  • Redevelop – to restore (buildings or neighbourhoods) to a better condition: to rebuild or replan a building, area


Central part of London was completely redeveloped and modernised. They built a new cinema complex and a row of new bars near the financial district.

  • Replace – to take the place of


There used to be a shopping complex in the west of the city, but it was replaced by a modern hospital.

  • Remodel – to change or alter the structure or style


A 197-room Brighton hotel is being remodelled to accommodate1000 people.

  • Make way for (to), give way for (to) – replace


- The block of low-rise flats made way for a sports complex.

- The block of high-rise flats had given way to a sports complex by 2011.

  • Transform – to change


A prison was transformed into a new train station.

5/ Changes

  • Modernise – to make modern


The area was completely modernised.

  • Renovate – to restore to an earlier condition


An entire airport will have been renovated by 2030.

6/ If something happens

  • Take place/occur


The developments took place/occured in the coastal town of Tossa de Mar from 1960 to 1070.

7/ Experience

  • Undergo/witness/see


Over the period, the area witnessed/underwent/saw/experienced dramatic changes.


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