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Task 2: It is widely known that cars damage the environment, their manufacture and their use continue to increase. Why is the case? How can this be controlled?

Essay analysis:

Type: Two – part Essay .

Dạng bài Two - part trong đó học sinh cần phải trả lời được 2 câu hỏi mà đề bài đưa ra.

Essay plan:

Paragraph 1: Reasons for the increase in the production and use of cars:

Possible Idea 1: The growth in developing countries

  •  In developing nations, cars are seen as a status symbol that boost self-esteem and serve a practical travel purpose.

  • Coupled with increased per capita GDP, the boom in car ownership is unsurprising.

  • For example, a growing middle class in Vietnam has driven up purchases of foreign automobiles dramatically over the last decade.

Possible Idea 2: The flexibility of travelling by cars.

  • This mode of transport does away with the hassles of having to book tickets, like trains or buses.

  • As a result, commuters can go to work, shopping, and follow other pursuits at their convenience without depending on fixed schedules of public transportation systems

Paragraph 2: Solutions to control the problem:

Possible Idea 1: There could be stricter laws related to emission standards.

  • This would cut down on the average amount of pollution from individual cars and collectively make a huge difference.

Possible Idea 2:  Discourage car ownership by taxing cars heavily and improving the quality of public transportation.

  • A good example of this would also be in Vietnam where there is a 200% tax on cars and the government is building the world’s most expensive subway system in Ho Chi Minh City. 

  • Individuals are unlikely to change their behavior so it falls to policymakers to dissuade citizens through proactive reforms and policies

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